The Liability Environment Details

"The Liability Environment for Engineers and Land Surveyors"

8 Professional Development Hours

Duration  8 hrs (8 PDH)

Year  2004

  The liability of the design professional brings together the disciplines of art, science and law. Each of these disciplines is continually changing and forcing the design professional to meet new challenges. The role of the engineer/land surveyor has changed from the time when he/she was the only professional on the construction job, to the present time when he/she retains professional consultants to perform the specialty designs of the project. The law has changed from the time when the engineer/land surveyor was insulated from potential liability through the doctrine of privity of contracts, to the present time when the design professional’s potential exposure to liability has increased because of the adoption of contribution among joint tortfeasors. This course will give you an understanding of the present state of the law and allow you to confidently pursue your profession without undue concern for potential liability. Covers expectations, the law of contracts, agreements, offers, advertisements and quotations, mirror image rule, termination, breach of contract, privity, damages, equitable remedies, statute of limitations and statute of repose, discovery rule, tort law, common law, negligence, standard of care, disclaimers, plat notes, liens, antitrust violations, risk allocation, and court cases. With workbook.